The quality of their meat, cheeses and eggs is outstanding. 
May 27, 2018
Found a gem….
May 12, 2019

This is the cheese that has the chefs exclaiming “wow!”

Steckler’s Bright Meadow White Cheddar figures prominently in our tasting program. Each day our sales staff visits prospective clients with a tasting box containing 12 cheeses. These cheeses are representative of the range of cheeses that we have to offer in flavor, style and pricing. Sterckler’s Cheddar is most often in this lineup because the sales people have discovered that they can’t lose with this particular cheese. This is the cheese that has the chefs exclaiming “wow!” We serve them a portion that is about the size of a half of a raisin so that they can experience how explosive and mouth filling this cheese is. They are always amazed that the finish is so large. In our cave we have 35 different cheddars and Steckler’s is in the top three. We are proud to have this cheese in our collection of artisan American cheeses.

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